Holistic Childbirth Preparation

Rachel Teadora, CPM, LDM teaches childbirth classes that blend practical information with creative techniques to help parents prepare for childbirth physically, emotionally, and spiritually. With small class sizes, there is plenty of opportunity for personal attention and group learning. Birthing in awareness is emphasized over achieving a specific outcome, and classes are designed to address both home and hospital births

To contact Rachel for childbirth classes or placental encapsulation go to: www.rachelteadora.com

Childbirth Class

Current Classes

A five-week series of classes intended for couples having their first child.

Topics include:

  • Pain-coping practices and techniques
  • Understanding the physiology and hormones of labor
  • What to do in early and active labor
  • How to push effectively
  • How to create a supportive birth environment
  • Special class for birth companions
  • Baby care basics and breastfeeding
  • Postpartum planning and the transition to parenthood
  • Postpartum reunion
  • Journaling and artwork to help you discover what you need to know

Refresher Childbirth Class

Designed for couples who already have a child or children, and have taken a childbirth class before. This class is offered as a workshop during a weekend afternoon, or on two or three week night evenings, depending on class size and interest.

Topics include:

  • Dusting off old pain-coping practices, and learning new ones
  • Sibling Preparation
  • Reviewing and healing from past birth experiences
  • Celebrating and giving energy to this pregnancy
  • Opportunities for couples to connect and prepare the upcoming birth
  • Journaling and artwork to help you discover what you need to know