Prenatal Care

Gentle Beginnings Midwifery Care Office
  • Complete Prenatal Care
  • Nutritional Support
  • Waterbirths
  • VBAC’s
  • Postpartum Care
  • Breastfeeding Support
  • Newborn Care
  • Lab Services

I strive to provide mothers with the highest quality of comprehensive prenatal care. For this reason prenatal visits are scheduled for 45 minutes, providing plenty of time for questions, information sharing, and a standard prenatal exam to monitor the health of mother and baby. I am happy to begin prenatal care as soon as a woman is pregnant. At the first visit, nutrition for optimal health during pregnancy is discussed. The next visit is scheduled two weeks later to further establish care, and then follows the standard schedule of prenatal visits: monthly until 28 weeks, twice monthly until 36 weeks, and weekly until the birth, or more often if appropriate.

The full range of tests and treatments available in routine midwifery care are offered. Through the informed choice process, we perform the testing that suits your health needs. Blood draws for lab work are done in my office. I order ultrasounds and provide referrals for other services as needed. 

A midwife is always available by phone if a question or concern arises.

Labor and Birth

I aim to keep birth safe and gentle. I hold deep trust in a woman’s intuition and believe that birth works best when it unfolds naturally. I embrace the wide variation of what is normal in labor and birth, while carefully and respectfully monitoring a mother and baby. I am prepared to respond appropriately to situations that require intervention. 

Women are encouraged to move freely through their labor and follow their natural rhythms. During active labor I will be with you to provide support and guidance, offering comfort measures and reassurance.

Waterbirth is an option that I support and am experienced in facilitating.

I believe in respecting the experience of the newborn as he or she enters the world. In this moment of wonder and awe, a baby should be greeted in a calm and welcoming manner. As your midwife, I will manage the transition to assure safety at the same time that I honor the importance and intimacy of the bonding experience. 

A newborn exam will be performed and standard newborn procedures are offered through informed choice.

I remain through the immediate postpartum period until both mom and baby are stable. When it’s time to leave, families are tucked into bed, undisturbed in the joy of exploring their new baby. At the same time, it is a comfort to know that a midwife is just a phone call away. 


The newborn weeks are a time of amazing transformation, when moms, babies, and whole families are establishing a healthy start together. The support received in the time after a baby is born is one of the most appreciated aspects of midwifery care. 

Postpartum care consists of frequent home visits to support families through the days of adjustment after birth. I provide an average of four home visits in the first week. Afterwards, office visits are scheduled at two, four, and six weeks. Throughout this period I assist with breastfeeding support, perform newborn exams for weight gain and well-being, and monitor mom’s physical recovery. The care is designed to provide both physical and emotional support during this time of transition.